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  • I am interested in having some decorative painting done in my home or commercial setting. How does the process work, and what's the best way to "get things rolling"?
    Gregg is located in Georgetown, MA . You can contact him via email by clicking the contact link at the botton of any page at , or by phone at (508) 523-9665. Once you speak, an appointment can be arranged for an initial meeting/consultation at a time convenient to you. He will view the project, and discuss your ideas and desires, include his own thoughts and insight, and together formulate a plan of what you are interested in. Colors, fabrics, window treatments, furniture, flooring, lighting, windows and adjacent spaces can all contribute significantly to the finished look you seek, and will be discussed and recommendations made. Pricing can vary greatly, and will be given once enough information has been gathered regarding technique, materials, scope of desired work etc., typically within a 3-5 days of the initial meeting,. Gregg will contact you with pricing, and there is never any obligation to move forward until you have decided to have the work done. Drawings, sample finishes, and any preliminary work that help you better visualize the finished product, can be provided, and will vary from project to project, but they can be discussed during the initial meeting if there is a need for them.
  • How much will work cost me?
    Pricing is always important, and several factors affect how much the job will cost? Complexity of the work to be done, areas to be accessed, working conditions, and materials required, can contribute to slower pace and longer job times, which affect price. From the beginning of his career in decorative painted finishes in 1991, Gregg has always strived to make the process as affordable to each client as he can. Murals and custom art can be elaborate in design and extremely detailed. Whenever possible, as in the case of nurseries and children's rooms, often the concept of "less is more" can be applied and great impact and stunning results can be realized from doing smaller vignette types of work, with existing wall colors, or even limiting the scale to one or two walls can be less expensive and deliver the look that will enhance your child's room for years. We will always work to develop a plan that meets your needs and hopefully helps you enhance your living space and attain the look you seek.